Note: This API requires a Offer ID, or a Campaign ID to be passed on the request. This API will only allow a 30 day span to be requested. If you request a longer period of time then the API call will error.


WSDL Page:  http://<your_domain_here>/api/2/reports.asmx?op=CreativeSummary


Parameter Summary:

api_key / STRING = Admin API Key {See get.asmx > GetAPIKey}

start_date / DATETIME = Report Start Date [MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS]

end_date / DATETIME = Report End Date [MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS]

offer_id / ID = Offer ID from the system {See export.asmx > Offers}

campaign_id / ID = Campaign ID to be used as a filter. {See export.asmx > Campaigns}

event_id / ID = Event filter, pass the ID of the event to filter the results. ["0" to ignore]

revenue_filter / ENUM = Filter the revenue by the event type ["conversions_and_events" or "conversions" or "events"]


Parameter Types:

api_key - ID

start_date - DATETIME

end_date - DATETIME

offer_id - ID

campaign_id - ID

event_id - ID

revenue_filter - ENUM


Sample GET Call:


Sample XML Response:

      <creative_affiliate_id xsi:nil="true"/>