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How to Add or Approve an Affiliate

This document will walk you through how to add new Affiliates.
Affiliates can be added manually through the interface or they can be approved from the interface if the Affiliate has completed your signup form.

Manually Creating An Affiliate


To add a new Affiliate:

  1. Hover over the Affiliates Main Tab
  2. Hover over Affiliates in the drop down
  3. Click on "Add a New Affiliate"

Add a New Affiliate Wizard

The "Add a New Affiliate" Wizard will appear once you have clicked on this option.
The only required fields to build a new Affiliate are: 1) Name and 2) Status

The wizard will indicate that you can move on when the 'Next' button turns a darker hue.
All other fields within the wizard are optional and can be modified once the Affiliate Card opens after clicking Save in the Wizard.

Locating Pending Affiliates

If your company is using the Affiliate Signup form (or leveraging the Affiliate Signup API), you can review Affiliate applications from within the interface.
To access Pending Affiliates:

  1. Click on the Affiliates Main Tab
  2. Click on the Pending Sub Tab
  3. Click on Affiliates
  4. Click the "+" icon to review the Affiliate's information

Approving and Rejecting Affiliates

To approve an Affiliate, click the Approve button under the "Actions" column.
Once approved, the Affiliate Card will open automatically for review.
An automated email will be sent from cupCAKE to notify your Affiliate that they have been approved - this is the 'Affiliate Signup Approval' email template.

To reject an Affiliate, click the Reject button in the middle of the 3 icons.
An automated email will be sent from cupCAKE to notify your Affiliate that they have been denied - this is the 'Affiliate Signup Denial' email template.

Accessing Rejected Affiliates

Often times, you will want to access your Rejected Affiliates. You might even want to send a Rejected Affiliate back into a Pending status.
To do this, click on the Show Rejected Affiliates button. Doing so will reveal a list of all Rejected Affiliates.

Return To Pending

As mentioned, you may want to access Rejected Affiliates for the purpose of putting them back into a Pending Status to Approve them later.
To do this, click the 'Return To Pending' link to the right of the Rejected Affiliate.

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