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Your API Key and Latest Version Tracker

This article will cover how to:

  • Find your existing API keys
  • Create new API keys
  • Find Admin API Version Tracker

Find Existing API Keys

Find Existing API Keys
  • API keys are found under 1. Setup > 2. Permissions > 3. API Keys
  • The 'Active' column contains a green indicator light for active API keys and a red indicator light for inactive keys
  • In the top right of the API Keys grid, you can toggle between Admin API keys and Affiliate API keys

Create New API Keys

Create New API Keys
  1. To create a new API key, click the 'Add' button in the top right of the API keys grid
  2. Enter a Start Date (required) and End Date (optional) for the new API key.

Make a Request

To begin using CAKE's API, click here for the Admin API Version Tracker 

The Admin API Version Tracker is a complete list of all API operations with links to the most current version of each

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