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Understanding the CAKE Conversion Pixel

This article will cover:

What Are the Default Conversion Pixel Parameters?

Below is a list of the default conversion pixel parameters:

  • O: This Offer ID value that CAKE will use to attribute clicks back to the correct Offer
  • E:  The Event ID for the action being tracked
  • R:  The Request ID that can be used for attribution in place of a cookie, most commonly used on the Postback URL for server-to-server tracking
  • F:  The pixel format that tells CAKE which type of pixel is being fired. The iFrame Pixel does not contain the f parameter.
    • f=js: Javascript
    • f=img: Image Pixel
    • f=pb: Postback URL
  • T:  The Transaction ID is an open parameter for the Advertiser to send you their conversion ID and can be used for reconciliation across the two tracking platforms. 

What Additional Parameters Can Be Used on a Conversion Pixel? 

Below is a list of additional conversion pixel parameters that can be used for overriding system settings or advanced tracking and attribution features:

  • P:  This parameter can be used to override the Received amount set within CAKE for that campaign. This amount can also be referred to as your revenue.
  • AP:  Affiliate Payouts can be overridden by passing in a dollar amount in the AP parameter of the conversion pixel. This will override the existing campaign payout set within the UI.
  • A:  The Advertiser ID parameter can be used in place of the O parameter on the conversion pixel to make it a global advertiser pixel. This is only recommended when multiple offers have the same thank you page. However, the use of this pixel is not recommended without the use of the r=REQUEST_SESSION_ID parameter because it is not the most accurate in tracking as the conversion would be attributed to the offer that drove the last click, which may not be true.
  • U: The User ID parameter can be used to track a consumer across devices or Offers when the consumer is known, most commonly because they have logged in to the advertiser's website.
  • K: The Key parameter can be used to track conversions using Session Regeneration and a unique mobile identifier, such as Apple's IDFA. 
  • IP: The consumer's IP address can also be used with Session Regeneration to track conversions probabilistically.

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