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How to Post a Lead into CAKE Basic - Server Post

This document will outline how to post a lead into CAKE Basic using a Server Post.

A Server Post is a specific type of of post made from a server as opposed to directly from the browser where the consumer fills out the information.
Unlike a Browser Post, a Server Post can be made without a click.


The Server Post method requires that an Affiliate (or the posting party) use a CAKE Basic Posting Document.
Unless you have added specific field validation, by default only 2 fields are required:
  1. A unique Campaign ID
  2. A Campaign Post Key

Where to find the Post Key

The Campaign ID is already known because it's the ID associated to the Campaign which is the unique relationship between the Affiliate and the Offer they are running. You can see it in the 'Campaign ID' box on the Home tab of the Campaign Card.

The Post Key can be found by clicking on the 'Show Post Keys' button on the Campaign card.
The Post Key is an alphanumeric string and acts as a validation (similar to an API key) for a server posted lead to validate the source.

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